Advice From a Busy Mom…

When asked recently what advice she would give to parents that want to sign their kids up for martial arts lessons but are so busy with work, taking care of their kids and a million other things- this is what busy mom Kacy had to say…   “Slow down busy momma/daddy.  Time flies fast enough. Think about what you need to do on a weekly basis that makes you feel better… Whether it’s working out or just binge watching Netflix in your pajamas.  That feeling of doing something you like and accomplishing an end goal that makes you feel happy! Well…your kiddo needs that too!  Black Dragon can truly give your kid the chance to overcome shyness, meet new friends, learn to listen and follow directions better, build their self-confidence, or add to their self-esteem by achieving a goal.  Black Dragon could be their “workout” or their “Netflix binge.” It also gives you the chance to see your child learn, thrive & grow.  What parent doesn’t want to see their child improve? 🙂 So go for it, sign your child up.  Give them a chance to show you what an amazing parent you are by believing in them and all they are capable of doing.  And believe me, between the amazing care you receive at Black Dragon and the love your child feels in their environment, you will NOT regret your decision.” -Kacy (Abigail’s Mom)

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