IMG 0810The Charles Dickens Lesson...

You might be wondering what a kids martial arts instructor like me is doing posting about Charles Dickens.

Stick with me - it'll all be clear 
in a minute 😉

Did you know that before Dickens became one of England's most famed and adored writers...

He lived in a cockroach-infested attic, worked practically every waking hour of his life, and wrote on what scraps of paper he could in dim light, at night?

It's true. It's also true that Dickens...



He almost called it quits, and stopped writing. That is, until ONE thing happened...

After sending off manuscript after manuscript to different publications... He received a letter back.

That letter was a rejection letter, but in it were the most crucial words he ever read.

They went something like this...

"Mr. Dickens, we're sorry but your submitted work did not quite meet our publication's standard.

However, we really enjoyed your work, and hope you will submit again."

That second sentence contained the first praise Dickens EVER received for his writing.

He cried more tears than he knew he had when he read those words. And the next day, he went back to his writing with a new zest.

After that - well, we all know what happened next. He reached a level of fame and fortune that most writers only dream of.

The point is - sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement to reach your dreams. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge in the right direction.

Even if that nudge comes with rejection. So encourage your children. And support their dreams.

In our martial arts program, we do everything we can to give kids the confidence to go after whatever they truly want.

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I hope you were inspired by today's story. I sure was 😉