Nick Elijah

Amazing Parenting Trick ....not what you'd expect

A lot of parents express to me that 
they have trouble enforcing boundaries with their children...

This is very easy to relate to. I mean, who wants to be the bad guy to their kid? You love your kid, and want to be their hero.

Well, here's a solution for you that teaches respect - and doesn't make you the bad guy.

And it's an important one too, because it'll ensure that your kid's self-esteem isn't harmed by discipline either. 

Next time your kid does something you don't want him / her to...

Scold the behavior. Not your kid.

Never say that your kid was bad...

say that the action they took was bad.

See, this teaches the kid that they're still a good person even though they make mistakes. 

And it teaches them that you don't think there's anything wrong with them... Just with the things they sometimes do.

So instead of saying, "Bad, Johnny!" Or "Johnny, how could you do that??"

Say, "That was a bad thing you did, Johnny. Do you understand why?" Then your kid separates his actions from who he is. And his self-esteem won't be harmed in any way, shape, or form.

Also, if your child doesn't understand why their actions were bad... explain it to them in a very clear, calm way. 

Kids can reason a lot better than we give them credit for.

Till next time,

Nick C.

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