Refer a Friend to One of Our Martial Arts Programs and Earn Rewards

Earn a $100 Gift Card for Every Referral Who Completes Their Trial and Becomes a Full Member

We have martial arts programs for all ages and skill levels. Our instructors are ready to teach Traditional and Olympic Style Taekwondo, and if you have friends interested in learning, you can now be rewarded.

Easy Three-Step Process

1. Refer a Friend

Once you refer a friend, fill out the form below with your and your referral’s information to make certain you get your reward once they become a full member in one of our programs.

2. We’ll Contact Your Referral

We’ll reach out to your referral to start a conversation if they enroll in one of our trial programs. This is a good time to check in with your friend and motivate them to continue their classes once they complete their trial.

3. Receive Your Reward

Once your referral completes their trial and becomes enrolled as a full member in one of our classes, we’ll notify you and you’ll receive your $100 gift card.

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