Transform Your Life with Martial Arts Training

Black Dragon Martial Arts offers the greater Murfreesboro area a way to learn not only martial arts, but also social skills, self-discipline, and confidence. Our instructors (although we prefer to call them personal success coaches) enjoy working with children and adults of all ages and skill levels to bring out their best selves and tranform their lives within 30 days.
Kids Martial Arts School Classes
Personal Development Starts Here
Teaching a student to kick and punch on the mat is not all we care about. We care about them as an individual. When our students walk away from the studio, we want them to take home valuable lessons that last a lifetime.
Better Yourself With Every Class
When training at Black Dragon Martial Arts, you are not just a number. We always make sure that you feel like you are a part of the family as you learn and grow. Our state-of-the-art studio provides defensive classes, Taekwondo, and much more for both men and women. With us you not only get in shape, but also gain confidence.
Adult Martial Arts School Classes
After School & Summer Camp Martial Arts School Classes
Murfreesboro's BEST After School Program
As a parent, you only want the best for your child. Why not give them the education of a lifetime with the Black Dragon Martial Arts after school program? This program allows your child the opportunity to learn martial arts, complete their homework, meet new friends and so much more!

Why Martial Arts At Black Dragon?

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Core Values
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